When Does Banjo Kazooie Come Out on the PlayStation Network?

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“When does Banjo Kazooie come out on the PlayStation Network? No… it doesn’t…” You ask this question on a Saturday night as you walk around with your friends playing several hours of Banjo.

Suddenly you look up and a guy looks up from his drink and asks, “What’s going on? Why is Banjo Kazooie coming out in six months?” Your friends all shrug.

You knew the answer but you didn’t know when. Finally someone has a clue, and the answer is that… well, let’s just say the creator, a guy named Mark Cerny, doesn’t want to make another game in the original franchise. And then he says, “Just kidding.”

This, however, doesn’t mean that all of us are clamoring for a new Banjo game. In fact, some of us are holding out for a sequel to Banjo-Kazooie, an online game that was kind of a second chance for the franchise.

“How does Banjo Kazooie come out on the PlayStation Network?” is a question that’s probably being asked every year by about two people.

At first glance, Banjo Kazooie seems like an obvious answer to the question, “When does Banjo Kazooie come out on the PlayStation Network?” All you need to do is look at the logo, which resembles a little frowning face, and you know it’s coming.

That’because it’s been very closely associated with the PlayStation brand since the PlayStation 1 released in Japan in 1994. Players associated it with games that were made exclusively for Sony systems, and so it’s actually possible to buy a PlayStation system with Banjo Kazooie preloaded on it.

What’s interesting about the way Banjo Kazooie came out on the PlayStation Network is that the game designers didn’t make the decision until a year after the original game came out. They waited until the game had sold five million copies to plan the PlayStation release of the game.

So, there’s a logical explanation for why Banjo Kazooie came out on the PlayStation Network. However, the more fun, less logical explanation is that the game was produced and developed before the company was going public.

As a result, the folks who worked on Banjo Kazooie in the 90s weren’t part of the publicly traded company, nor were they even going to be part of it in a year or two. The failure of the business meant that the team had to wait for the time when the company was no longer in trouble to make the decision to release the game.

As a result, when does Banjo Kazooie come out on the PlayStation Network is a question that has been asked by thousands of PlayStation owners around the world. The hard truth is that, although there are plenty of people playing Banjo Kazooie on the PSN, not everyone has downloaded the game.

The fact that there are lots of people waiting for Banjo Kazooie on the PlayStation Network means that there’s a lot of demand for the game. If you want to download the game, you’ll have to join the community so that the makers can add it to their database.

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