Who Really Played the Banjo in Deliverance?

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In Deliverance, the main character, Ben Braddock, is approached by a well-known rock musician to play one of his songs on a recent radio show. He agrees and during the song, he gets very angry at the thought that the audience will never get to hear the full version of the song. This leads to Ben’s making some provocative comments, which includes accusations about the reason behind why the artist (played by Ben) was not selected.

The question, Who really played the Banjo in Deliverance? does a lot of damage. For instance, when delivering his new message to the audience, Ben mentions what he really thought about the music industry. It’s a bit controversial, but it’s a loaded statement.

Most people would say that it’s impossible to say what other people think, because everyone would have the correct answer. It’s either that or everyone would come out as a hypocrite.

I am a strong believer in using the correct answer first before challenging the others. The audience should be able to answer this question with no trouble, but this would leave no room for argument.

Let’s look at how Ben Braddock chose the right answer. We all know the singer, Paul Potts from the Banjo in Motion group. Potts plays an important role in the story as he reveals the true reasons why the artist (played by Ben) was left off the radio show.

The audience didn’t want to hear the real performance because it was full of distortion and noise. The only thing they were willing to hear was the music video! To be honest, it’s a good piece of drama and you can appreciate the performance from a different perspective.

When the film came out, it made a great movie. There are some issues with the technical aspect of the acting and the story, but overall, it’s a very good film. It was well made, especially the performances by Joanna Lumley and Potts.

After the film came out, a number of things were said about the casting, specifically, Who really played the Banjo in Deliverance? After all, since Potts was not the artist chosen for the radio show, they still had the opportunity to use this part.

The most interesting thing was that Potts has never appeared on the radio before, nor did he appear in any other films. However, he was chosen because he has a lot of experience in the guitar music genre. He is a very good guitarist and a good performer, so they wanted him to play this particular piece of music.

Who really played the Banjo in Deliverance? also reminded us that the audience is not always right. It doesn’t mean that they are saying what they think about a song or a film.

Who really played the Banjo in Deliverance? did a lot of damage to the film, since it insinuated that the audience doesn’t know anything about rock and roll music. It’s a pity that it has been able to influence the film so much, since it did have some value.

So, who really played the Banjo in Deliverance? could also be called Who really knows about rock and roll music. I guess that’s a very good movie by Braddock. It certainly isn’t perfect, but I found it entertaining.

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