🎸Best Banjo Amplifier in 2024

Top 3 Best Banjo Amplifier in 2024

The best banjo amplifier is the most important electronic device that is used to increase the volume of sound produced by the banjo. If you are seeking the best amplifier for banjo, you don’t need to look further. This article provides the top 3 best banjo amplifiers to buy in 2024 with a complete review and buying guide.

Our Pick Up of Top 3 Best Banjo Amplifier

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  1. Fishman PRO-LBT-600 Loudbox Artist Bluetooth Amplifier
  2. Peavey Ecoustic E20 20-Watt 1×8 Acoustic Amp Combo
  3. BUGERA AC60 Portable 60-Watt 2-Channel Acoustic Instrument Amplifier

1) Fishman PRO-LBT-600 Loudbox Artist Bluetooth Amplifier

The Fishman PRO-LBT Bluetooth amplifier for banjo is specially designed to reproduce the acoustic sound, recorded accompaniments, or diverse vocal assortment. The excellent thing about this amplifier is that it comes with Bluetooth wireless connectivity feature, so you can easily connect it and add backing tracks or other accompaniment to your practice sessions, jams, and performance. This Fishman Bluetooth amplifier’s power wattage is 120 watts that deliver all the tonal qualities for great acoustic sound.

It offers the perfect range of controls, while its footswitch input for remote muting of the input flanger, slap echo effects, and chorus. If you want to connect a combination of microphones and instruments, then you might need to get creative. Fishman has been using intricate technologies that really effective for musicians. That’s why it is most famous among the musicians. If you are looking for an affordable banjo amplifier, then Fishman Amplifier is a great choice for you.

Features of Fishman Amplifier

  • Headphone output
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • It has 120 watts of bi-amplified acoustic power
  • Auxiliary stereo input with level control
  • Feedback control and input channels feature 3-band EQ
  • Footswitch input for remote muting of the input Chorus, channels, Slap Echo effects, and Flanger.

Specifications of Fishman Amplifier

  • Brand: Fishman
  • Style: Loudbox Artist Bluetooth
  • Speaker Baffle: 10º built-in tilt
  • Power: 120 watts, bi-amped
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 15.5 x 11.5 inches
  • SPL: 113dB SPL @ 1 meter
  • Weight: 25.5 lbs
  • Drivers: 8″ woofer (100W); 1″ soft dome tweeter (20W)


  • Mutable channels
  • Provide crisp sound at higher volumes
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to enhance or accompany your music.
  • 120-watt output at a professional level


  • Requires a specific up-front investment
  • No anti-feedback switches

2) Peavey Ecoustic E20 20-Watt 1×8 Acoustic Amp Combo

The Peavey Ecoustic E20 Amplifier for banjo is specially designed for extremely easy use. This best banjo amplifier comes with full durability and road-worthy chassis that allows you to take your favorite amplifier anywhere. The Ecoustic E20 produces high-quality sound with 20 watts of power. It comes with a single 8-inch heavy-duty speaker and two channels with individual inputs that allow you to use two different musical instruments simultaneously and make your performance more efficient.

Features of Peavey E20 Amplifier

  • 2-band EQ per channel
  • Headphone out
  • Two separate channels
  • 20 watts output
  • Easy to use
  • Single 8-inch heavy-duty speaker
  • It comes with a single headphone input for silent practicing

Specifications of Peavey E20 Amplifier

  • Brand: Peavey
  • Color: Brown
  • Power: 20 Watts
  • Speaker range: 8 inches
  • Speaker Channels: 2
  • EQ Per Channel: 2-band
  • Weight: 20.28 lb
  • Product Dimensions: 18.75 x 17.75 x 13.25 inches


  • Available at affordable price
  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely durable chassis
  • Great sound with tone-shaping options


  • Not offers onboard effects
  • Not versatile for some

3) BUGERA AC60 Portable 60-Watt 2-Channel Acoustic Instrument Amplifier

The BUGERA amplifier is a small unit with independently controlled channels and 60-watt output. This small acoustic is great for your banjo and has high-quality volume capabilities. It has only 15 pounds weight that allows you to carry and place in small space easily. It offers a handful of effects that you can easily customize your sound according to your preference. This best banjo amplifier offers consistent performance and exceptional clarity of sound. However, if you are looking for a compact amplifier, the BUGERA AC60 amplifier is ideal for you.

Features of BUGERA AC60 Amplifier

  • Specially designed for acoustic instruments and vocals
  • 60-watt powerful amplifier
  • It has 2 independent channels with dedicated EQs and separate volume controls
  • Dual-cone speaker
  • Line channel or switchable microphone provides inputs for both condenser and dynamic microphones plus line inputs
  • Ultra-musical 2 or 3 band EQ per channel.

Specifications of BUGERA AC60 Amplifier

  • Brand: BUGERA
  • Color: Black
  • Speaker count: 1
  • Output wattage: 60 Watts
  • Voltage: 100 volts
  • Weight: 15.21 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12.87 x 9.33 x 10.83 inches


  • Switchable microphone channel inputs
  • Produce loud volume for the unit size
  • Independent channels with volume controls and EQs dedicated


  • Not offers many values in terms of connectivity or music mixing
  • It has limited effects

Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Banjo Amplifier

There are some important things that you should consider before buying the best banjo amplifier.

Power Levels

The amplifier’s power level very matters because the amount of power depends on where and how you play the music. If you are on the larger stage or space, you’ll need more oomph to control it, so the 50 watts or higher would be great if you buy the large amplifier while most small amplifiers have around 20 or so watts to play music without driving the neighbors nuts.

Types of Outputs and Inputs

Before buying the banjo amplifier, make sure which type of banjo amplifier you are looking for. Always think about the amplifier channels because more channel means more variable for settings.

Additional Features

The last thing is that make sure the banjo amplifier some additional features such as chorus, delay, FX loop, flange, and reverb.

Final Verdict

There are many banjo amplifiers available in the market that deliver great performance when pairing an amplifier with your banjo. Due to various styles and types, it’s very difficult to choose the best amplifier for banjo; therefore, for your convenience, here we’ve provided the top 3 best banjo amplifiers. All the above banjo amplifiers are great in performance and available at an affordable price, so you can easily choose one of the banjo amplifiers according to your need.



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