A Style Guide to Find the Most Suitable Men’s Swim Shorts

Our seashores see a slew of terrible fashion crimes each summer. Once true summertime hits, it seems as if good sartorial sense is fatally washed away with receding waves, with shockingly tight, garishly patterned, or impractically baggy men’s swim shorts breaking out on beaches and poolsides.

However, does it matter if these men’s swim shorts don’t live up to the fashion sense? after all, they are only intended for swimming, aren’t they? Why would you waste important vacation preparation time worrying about something that would be invisible for most of the time you’re wearing them? Well, we must do so since summertime is there to have fun and create lasting memories. Therefore, if you haven’t yet packed your luggage, read on for advice on how to enjoy your summer in style this season.


To begin with, you’ll need to select if you want fitted shorts or ones with a bit more freedom for ease of movement. If you err on the side of the former, tailor-made men’s swim shorts are the way to go. Typically, slim-fitting with polyamide shorts give your seaside ensemble a touch of Riviera style, giving a strong similarity to chino shorts.

You should choose something tailored for great fitting. Men’s swim shorts are too big or too little is unflattering. You need to consider your height as well: the taller you are, the longer you can go, whereas shorter designs flatter thighs that are well-built. 


After you’ve determined the best cut for yourself, it’s time to consider color, which is a critical point; in fact, color is the difference major between appearing elegantly summer-ready and looking like the man who was so ill-dressed that he was denied entry to Benidorm.

When you select the color for your men’s swim shorts, you need to consider your skin tone. For darker skin tones, you can take advantage of muted color, whereas fairer skin tones benefit from brighter colors. If you have fair skin, you are supposed to avoid shades such as slate grey, navy, black, burgundy, and olive green.

On the other hand, if you have a darker complexion, you may experiment with brighter colors such as canary yellow, sky-blue, lime-green, red, and pastels; these colors will contrast spectacularly with your skin tone.

Prints & Patterns

If you’re bored with block-color schemes of men’s swim shorts, it’s worth dabbling with print. Prints are a must-have for summertime. The bolder, the better! For a quick summer refresh, we recommend geometric, striped, and photographic prints and patterns.  From tropical to Hawaiian flowers, microdots to striking stripes, swimwear brands are brimming with captivating patterns, so it’s worth investing in a pair if you’re looking for something that will stand out in-between dips.

For a more modern spin, look for designs covered with photographic digital prints, such as satellite photography lines, which include men’s swim shorts printed with magnificent aerial photographs. For individuals who find such patterns too vibrant, or if your complexion is too pale to handle a kaleidoscope of color, we suggest opting for a more subdued pattern in a somewhat darker palette.

With these points in mind, you are bound to find the most suitable men’s swim shorts for yourself.

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