Boho Fashion Is For You

The Flowing Fashions

When you think about a “Boho” or “Bohemian” look, it instantly brings to mind many possible connotations of what aesthetic you could possibly mean. You are probably thinking of many different types of prints, flowing garments, wrapped heads, turbans, bangles, earrings, sandals, and many other items that immediately bring this specific aesthetic to mind. You might also think about the word “gypsy” which is a pejorative and problematic word used to describe travelers who descend from Romani peoples in the modern day Czech Republic.

That aesthetic has been mixed with inferences and interpretations by French, American, British, African, Caribbean, and Indigenous American fashions to put together what we understand that particular fashion idea to be. For many people, this type of clothing constitutes a developmental stage in their personal history, especially if they are hiding a really bad hairstyle and the entire oeuvre of their stylistic choices can be buttressed by a head wrap, turban, or head scarf.

Boho Fashion Is For You

There are many different color palettes that can be used to give that boho ( style exactly what you need because there are so many different ways of being a bohemian fashion plate. Interestingly enough, there are many different types of fashion statements that can be incorporated into the notion of this particular style. Would you think go-go boots constitute the type of style we are currently talking about or describing? In fact, the “disco diva” style of this particular aesthetic can actually conform to one of the working definitions of what this oeuvre actually is.

The Freedom of Flowing Garments

In this way, if you are African-American, for example, you can find a boho style that works with your existing aesthetic to grow your hair out as you loc your hair or nurture your Afro hairstyle. If you are Latino-American, there are wide-brimmed hats that you can pull from mariachi inspirations and your indigenous aesthetic that is rooted in your personal ancestry. Is this appreciation or appropriation? Well, that depends on what type of wardrobe you assemble on behalf of this concept and where it fits into your own ancestry. You can always learn more about this style by searching online.

If you are, for example, not Asian-American and you are borrowing from Chinese-American culture while putting together your style, it would probably be disrespectful if you profited from that look without paying homage to the Chinese community and letting that community benefit from the money you made. If you are a white person who is just stealing prints and ideas from a community, coming back to the United States with those ideas, and pretending that you came up with these concepts in the first place, you are probably committing a fashion crime that has been perpetuated by many generations of your people. So when you are putting together this particular aesthetic choice, make sure that you are doing it in such a way that you honor people and do not step on anyone’s those or culture.

You’ve Got The Right Look

If you are confident that you are making the right decisions, then go for it and express yourself, because there is a sub-aesthetic that will speak to exactly who you are. There are even people who wear entirely black and identify as goths who can incorporate an asymmetrical hem, a ripped t-shirt, a head wrap, and specifically blended makeup that will adhere to that Bohemian fashion style that they seek, even though their color palette may not be what you immediately expect. This is why this is one of the most accessible stylistic options available to you, because no matter your idea of what shades work best with your skin tone, there is going to be something available to you that will fit your concept.

Ultimately the elasticity we can afford to this type of aesthetic is immeasurably large, because anyone can fall into this universe of fashion and find themselves entirely, without having to make many changes to the colors they normally wear. You can really make a small detour from what you are normally wearing to find a way that boho style can offer you a step aside from your normal looks. The looks that are available to you in this vein are limitless, as there are many subgroups and subheadings that fall under Boho.

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