🎸Best Banjos for Beginners in 2024

Best Banjos For Beginners Reviews – Buyers Guide for 2024

Banjo is a popular musical instrument in our lives. It is also one of the unique stringed instruments at this time. At the beginning period, they are familiar with people in some kinds of country music and bluegrass, but nowadays, it all blends together to create a fabulous and harmonious sound.

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Besides, Banjo is marking a remarkable return for players/listeners through some types such as modern pop and traps songs. From all the above, we would bring the article which covers all things related to this instrument to you.   

If you are a follower of Banjo or the apprentice, we will recommend you to grab this kind of instrument as soon as possible. However, there are wide ranges of brands and shapes on the market that make you probably challenging to choose. Therefore, we are going to show you typical features and how to select the banjos for beginners that fits you.          

After reading this article, you will not only be satisfied to pick up the most suitable banjo, but also you will become a specialist in this field. And now, don’t wait anymore and get started discovering various types of your beautiful instrument.

Best Beginner Banjo Buying Guide

First, this part will make you clear about some styles, functions, and how to play banjo effectively. From that, you could make a quick decision in selecting your favorite banjos.

How many strings should a beginner need?  

Each type of banjo comprises different strings. On the market, there are some popular kinds, such as four strings, five strings, and six strings. Aside from that, several unique banjos posses over six strings.  

If you are a newbie or the novice, we will recommend you to pick up the five-string banjo since you find it easy to learn to play banjo and practice banjo lessons.       

Players almost seek them with both an open back and a closed-back (resonator). On the other hand, the five-string instruments are perfect for various vintage styles like bluegrass, folk music or beginner banjo songs.   

The structure of five-string ones is also different from mandolins or violins. For instance, the top string on the neck is shorter than the others. Also, it placed in the middle of the neck rather than at the end.  

Next, we would like to discuss four-string banjo

In theory, it has the same as five-string ones but no drone string available. The plectrum is capable of cutting via an ensemble sound.   

One of the most interesting things for the novice is the banjolele. It is a state of the art enhancement that producing a mixture between the banjo and the ukulele. 

The ukulele is a bit smaller (Compared to the size of the banjo) and very handy for the banjo apprentices due to the convenience.  The final type that we bring to you is the six-string banjo. It sounds like a banjo, and the tuning function has the same as a guitar. This tuning effect will make a smooth transition for the users, especially the beginners. Last but not least, the professional players perhaps pay more interest in this type (six-string banjo) than the amateur.

Do you know about an open-back and a closed-back(resonator)?

Most of bluegrass musicians or singers are quite fond of closed-back. It manufactured from a metal plate combined with the back of this equipment. Moreover, resonators assist the banjo in a dynamic sound and louder.

The other kind of banjo is open-back, which does not own a resonator plate. It mostly supported by folk music. The key point of this open-back is conveying back into the users before transferring forward.

Which one is better ? (open-back or resonator)

In truth, each one has its advantages and disadvantages. We will suggest the resonator for the banjo player who is addicted to bluegrass, whereas the open-back will be an excellent choice for the apprentice.

How much should you pay?   

After understanding much more about the quality of banjos, a banjo buyer also should take care of a range of banjo price.

The price fluctuates based on the structure and characteristics of products. A good banjo is around under $500, and the luxurious/excellent one is up to $1000. However, if you are just a novice, so we’ll recommend you should purchase a type of banjo that is quite economical. With only $200 per product, the apprentices are very joyful and relaxing whenever and wherever they want.

However, if you are just a novice, so we’ll recommend you should purchase a type of banjo that is quite economical. With only $200 per product, the apprentices are very joyful and relaxing whenever and wherever they want.

Best Beginner Banjo – Our Top Choices

1. Jameson Guitars 5-String Banjo 24 Bracket with Closed Solid Back and Geared 5th Tuner

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It also owns a magnificent figure. The appearance of the instrument is very eye-catching so that consumers are easily attracted. 

First of all, we would like to discuss the Gear 5th Tuner. It is a fantastic function integrated into the banjos which are capable of tuning well. Therefore, players could learn and use it conveniently.  

This banjo possesses twenty-four brackets. Thus, you will have lots of chances to perform the chords and many more great themes of banjo songs at the same time. 

When it comes to the quality of the main parts, all of the components of this musical instrument manufactured from leading materials. Besides, The Jameson guitars were also designed by a neck with seven-ply maple, state of the art mahogany resonator and mahogany shell.  

In brief, this Jameson five-string banjo creates soothing sounds and bring to you indescribable emotion during the period of your experience. At present, it recognized as the best selling one on the Amazon website as well as the best value version on the market.               


  • It is extremely handy so that all players could exploit it easily.
  • Its architecture is delicate and makes customers feel enjoyable
  • The price is very reasonable for users to purchase.    
  • Perfect frets and straight neck for better playability.


  • Its neck needs to be improved to be tighter.
  • This version doesn’t support with the carrying bag.

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2. Recording King RKOH-05 Dirty Thirties Open Back Banjo

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RKOH-05 is one of banjos for beginners derived from the pre-war banjo. The structure of this version is a truss rod to help adjust the action and keep the neck straight.  

Another crucial innovation of it is in the geared and guitar-style tuners. Because both of them can operate more effectively during players do their performances. Besides, this product is less punchy and ringing so that bluegrass players are perhaps interested a lot.

When it comes to the maple neck and multi-ply rim, they are all snappy. Moreover, the nickel-plated hardware withstands corrosion.

The critical characteristic of this model that users concentrate on is durability and stability because it could keep the heat very well and control humidity in the period of your preservation.

In summary, the fabulous dirty thirties’ open back banjo offers a beautiful harmony balance between classical sound and aristocratic design for customers. On the other hand, this model is a kind of banjo music that is entirely appropriate for folk musicians, singers, and songwriters.    


– The setup was pretty good, and the quality of sound is so perfect.

– The structure of this product is very sturdy. 

– It is very durable.


– Some clients complained about the bridge.   

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3. Vangoa 5 String Banjo Remo Head Closed Solid Back with beginner Kit, Tuner, Strap, Pick up, Strings, Picks and Bag

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The Vangoa is one of best banjos for beginners appeared in 2017. Its design consists of the mahogany body, the neck, and the sides. The sides of this product are shiny and own a beautiful wood grain that supports users with a comfortable touch.     

When it comes to the features, this version manufactured from a top-quality Remo drum head. From that, it could create a sweet tone during your performance. Also, it equipped with a truss rod that easily adjusts the string for consumers who would like to feel enjoyable.

This product is offered many brackets to control the top and produce more accurate sound. Besides, one of the most exciting functions of this version is the movability due to the connection of amplifier by pickup system. Thus, the musicians find it easy to take it out after their shows. 

Next, we would like to discuss the banjo’s tone. This model provides a clear and exciting sound. The resonator offers a mellower, soothing sound, whereas the open back pattern creates a bright sound.        


– It produced from high quality and delicate prototype. 

– Easy to set up.

– Flexibility: Owning a removable back and the fifth string so that you could perform with a mixture of classical and dynamic music.  


– It is not bright – Since the usage of tonewood is mahogany, you often miss out on twang that maple.      

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4. Deering Goodtime 2 five-string Banjo

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The Deering Goodtime 2 five-string banjo manufactured from natural blonde maple. It possesses a rock maple neck and resonator for a hard-driving bluegrass tone. Moreover, this version is quite convenient to tune and maintain due to its slender and fast-playing neck. 

When it comes to the this banjo’s characteristic, this model owns a magical wood bowtie inlays. It even produced from a three-ply solid violin maple. Therefore, this heart of this product assists customers with a marvellous banjo sound.   

This deering banjo has an authentic sound as well as dynamic reverberation. The sound waves never trapped between the users during their performances. Also, it owns a note separation, full-bodied tone and a bright sound of maple which overspread reasonably well.  

Finally, this version is very appropriate for professional players. It is not only a high-quality product but also the best premium banjo on the market at this time.  


This model is easy to play.

Staying in tune for long hours.

It integrated with light gauge strings.

Users can play with medium and high gauge strings. 


– Volume is a bit lower

– There are some troubles related to the first two strings.  

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5. 5-String Geared Tunable Banjo with White Jade Tune Pegs & Rosewood Fretboard Polished Rich Wood Finish Maplewood Bridge Stand & Truss Rod Adjustment Tool- Pyle PBJ60

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The final model that we introduce to you is the 5-String Geared Tunable Banjo.

The version PBJ60 is a five-string banjo for beginners manufactured from mahogany back, sides and neck. The rosewood fingerboard, designed with a lightweight property that integrated into this product makes this one playable and comfortable. Next, this version possesses a geared 5th tuner. This tuner is very authentic and capable of keeping all five of the strings tuned for a long time. 

The version is among best beginner banjo also offered a fantastic adjustable truss rod. Therefore, players could exploit this function to transform the sound of your banjo.

Another crucial thing about this version that we would like to bring to you is the sound. Although the PBJ60 does not own the leading quality hardware accessories, it mostly delivers on the sound very well. On the other hand, the deep and sweet tone on this banjo is very remarkable.   

In summary, this product is advantageous and convenient for all players, included children.


– It is lightweight and handy for kids.

– The quality of sound is great

– The price is reasonable


– Clients may face some difficulties related to setup issues.

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Final Verdict

In sum, we believe that all players can afford to pick up the best banjo for them. On the other hand, these banjos above are not only the leading quality versions but also meet their expenses. Also, we always keep updating some latest useful information related to this musical instrument to users, especially the beginner or the novice.

Finally, purchasing outstanding banjos for beginners will offer you some years of enjoyment and relaxation after a long week of work or study. We wish you the best in your banjo experiencing journeys to come.   


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