7 Ideas To Decorate With Flowers In Your Home Interior

While there are many ways to improve your home and residence in terms of how it looks, few are better than flowers. They can add a ton of color to a space, as well as improve your mood and many of them smell phenomenal.

Also, there are many simple and affordable flowers that can be found easily and added to your existing home decor. While caring for them and keeping them alive is important, so is finding the right way to use them in your space.

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In an effort to help with that, this article is going to go over seven ideas to help you decorate with flowers in your home interior.

Use Them as a Centerpiece on Dining or Coffee Table

A great way to bring flowers into your space is to use them as a centerpiece. This could be on your dining room table ahead of a big meal or celebration, or even simply on your coffee table. These flowers are sure to add to the overall “vibe” of the space, and are sure to grab people’s attention and be a major conversation starter.

As for what flowers you should use in these centerpieces, the choice is yours. Of course, with many pets liking to check out what’s on a dining or coffee table, make sure you avoid any and all flowers that are dangerous for pets.

Add Colorful Flowers to a Neutral Room

Flowers can also be great to add a splash of color into an otherwise neutral room. Many of our rooms and furniture are some shade of white, grey, black, brown or beige. While this can look classic, a little bit of color in a room can really make it a more pleasant place to be.

A simple vase full of bright and cheerful flowers can make a space much more exciting, and even put you in a better mood. Of course, flowers can also fit incredibly well in a room that is very colorful, as long as they colors don’t clash.

Consider Using Dried Flowers

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While many people love fresh flowers in their home, they may only last you a week or two, and often less if they aren’t cared for well. It can be costly and in some cases annoying to have to always replace these flowers once they die. As a result, many people consider using dried flowers in and around their homes. These can last and look great for much longer, and don’t require as much time, work or effort.

Not only do these dried flowers and grasses last longer, but they can also look great. They are very unique, and aren’t seen or used quite as much as normal flowers are.

They can contribute to a rustic looking room, and are great for those who prefer a more muted and neutral tone when it comes to their flowers and decor. Of course, mixing both dried and fresh flowers in your space is great.

Think of the Season

Everyone loves to decorate their home for the holidays. This goes for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or anything in between. Even the season changes often encourage us to change up the look of our home to fit a particular theme. While traditional decorations are great, flowers can also make great decor that matches up with the season, too.

For example, in the winter around Christmas, you could add things like holly, juniper and pine to your home. This will help the space both feel and smell more festive. In the spring, around Easter, you might want to bring in some bright yellow flowers or pastel-colored blooms. This can improve the look of your home, and get it into the right spirit for whatever time of year it is.

Make Sure the Colors Go With the Space

When you bring flowers in, it is important to think long and hard about their colors. Some colors will go with your space, while others might clash and look a little less-than-perfect. It is much easier to change the flowers you have in your space than change things like the floor, carpet, walls or furniture, so take time to decide which colors would look good in your room.

The colors you choose can match your decor, but using complementary colors or choosing similar shades can also be a good way to ensure the space remains cohesive, even with the flowers in place. Ultimately, it is your space, so design it how you want, but clashing colors can often be distracting and take away from the overall aesthetic of a home.

Get Creative With the Containers

In addition to the flower themselves, you also need to think about the containers and vases you put them in. These can often be just as important to the look of the arrangement as the flowers themselves.

While nothing is wrong with a traditional glass vase, there are many other choices to consider. This could be a glass bottle, an oil can, a watering can, or any number of other things. Of course, be sure to choose something that will fit with the room you are decorating the flowers with. For example, an old oil can vase might not look great in a room with all luxurious modern fixtures and furniture.

Mix it up

While flowers are a great addition to any home, like any decor, they can get stale from time to time if you leave them the same. Constantly getting the same flower to put in the same spot can get a little boring.

Be sure to mix things up to keep your place fresh and ensure you never get bored of the flowers you have around. Experiment with different flowers, and try moving the place where you display your flowers, too. Of course, you still need to think about clashing colors and the scents of different flowers to ensure they still fit your goals, but changing up the flowers can be a very good idea.

In conclusion, these ideas are sure to help your home look incredible with the addition of some flowers.

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