How to Buy Second Hand Banjo

Frequently, indeed, I have purchased approximately fourteen second-hand banjos over the years, with the exception of just one new one – my initial purchase in 1968. However, I have a good understanding of banjos, including what aspects can be repaired and what cannot.

Buy Second Hand Banjo

In numerous markets, if you’re trying to find your very first banjo and all you want is something to assist you discover the fundamentals, you’ll discover that most of the used banjos you have access to are “novice” banjos, and many people offering them are asking virtually what you would certainly pay for a brand-new one with similar quality and also attributes. I’m not claiming you can not obtain a good deal, often a VERY great deal, on a starter banjo, but if you’re starting, please use the functions and also material of this write-up to contrast the made use of banjos you’re thinking about to the what a comparable new banjo from a trustworthy vendor would certainly set you back.

The picture to the right is consisted of to assist you figure out which parts I’m speaking about if you are having difficulty linking what we’re describing to the instrument( s) you’re considering. It is a breakdown of a modern professional banjo, and also, therefore, shows components that aren’t on every banjo, especially older ones or student banjos, yet it needs to provide you some suggestion. You’ll see a large PDF version that you can print for your reference if you click on it.

,” or “Evaluating and Buying Used Guitars,” you’ll find a lot of overlap, yet I felt we needed a targeted post just for people looking for their very first banjos and also considering used ones. The majority of used banjos at the lower end of the range are overpriced, and also lots of have issues that the proprietors aren’t also aware of. I’m taking about, state, paying $1000 for a still usable but run-down specialist banjo that set you back $2600 new, as opposed to paying $325 for a like-new pupil banjo that would certainly cost you $400 brand-new.).

In addition, you should probably read our “What Kind of Banjo Do I Want” articles and limit the sort of banjos you’re interested in. For example, you can learn Bluegrass songs on any kind of playable 5-string banjo, but you can’t play common Bluegrass banjo parts on 6-strings or 4-strings.

Points That Affect the Value as well as Usefulness (For You) of Used Banjos:

-Variety of Strings
-Original Quality

Yes, I’ve purchased at least fourteen utilized banjos over the years and only one new one – my initial, back in 1968. It is a breakdown of a modern specialist banjo, and also, as such, reveals parts that aren’t on every banjo, especially really old ones or pupil banjos, however it should provide you some concept.,” or “Buying and also reviewing Used Guitars,” you’ll uncover a whole lot of overlap, yet I felt we required a targeted short article just for folks looking for their very first banjos as well as thinking about secondhand ones. I’m taking around, say, paying $1000 for a still usable however run-down specialist banjo that set you back $2600 new, as opposed to paying $325 for a like-new student banjo that would cost you $400 new.).

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