How To Build the Perfect Fence for a Dog

If you have ever had a dog go missing, you know how scary and heartbreaking it can be. Hours, days, or even weeks might be spent in a panic searching for your furry companion.

A lost dog could potentially come home again, resulting in a happy ending. But the chances that your pet disappears forever or gets hurt are high.

No fence in your backyard? The chances of your dog escaping are exponentially higher. A fence for a dog is the best way to keep them and the neighborhood safe.

Don’t have a fence yet? It’s probably time to consider building one yourself or looking for a professional to install one.

Keep reading to find out what all of your fencing options are.

How Important Is a Fence for a Dog?

In many neighborhoods, letting your dog roam free is not an option. It is dangerous for them and difficult for the people who live in your area as well. A car might hit your dog, or if it’s frightened, it could attack a person or animal in self-defense.

The best way to prevent this type of tragedy is to put a sturdy fence for a dog on your property. They can give you peace of mind.

What Is the Best Fence for a Dog?

There are a few different types of fences on the market if you are looking to buy or build them.

A well-built wooden or vinyl privacy fence is likely the best option for a dog. They are high enough that your dog can jump over and flush enough that your dog can’t slip through the slats.

You can also explore chainlink fencing and even PVC deer fencing as a way to create a cheap but portable option. It should be noted that PVC deer fencing should be used temporarily and not as something for the long term. Larger dogs can likely get through it as well.

Looking to Buy a Fence?

There is definitely a fence buying guide or three out there that will help you pick the perfect one for your property. Think about all the reasons you want to install a fence and choose based on your needs.

If the main reason is to keep the dog in, make sure you pick a study option they can’t dig under or jump over. A smaller dog will likely not need a fence that is six feet high. But if you are also interested in the privacy a fence can give your property, you can still install a taller fence to cover both needs.

Companies like can build a sturdy, reliable fence that can keep your furry companion safe on your property.

Wondering How to Build a Fence for a Dog?

There are a few different ways you can build dog fences on your property. Each has its pros and cons.

If you are looking to build a fence instead of buy, consider your skills and what you think you’re capable of producing. You don’t want to waste a ton of money and materials.

Mesh Fence

You can build a fence using chicken wire and a few fence posts. Chicken wire is made to keep animals out of a chicken coop; it will do a pretty decent job of keeping your dog in. Your dog also will have a difficult time climbing a fence of this nature.

You’ll need to do some measuring and pour some concrete for the posts, but once you have that all figured out, it’s relatively easy to wrap the chicken wire around your yard.

If you want, you can even consider adding a premade gate for easy access to the enclosed area.

Materials and Tools Required

  • Chicken wire or mesh
  • Metal or wooden posts
  • Wire ties
  • Spray paint
  • Concrete (if you want it)
  • Shovel or post digger
  • Staple gun

Wire Kennel Panel Fence

If you don’t want to build a fence from scratch, you can purchase premade dog kennel kits and put them all together. Once they are attached, they create a fenced area for your dog.

This type of fence may be easy to assemble, but it might not be sturdy enough to keep dogs in if they tend to charge. This DIY fence also may not last longer than a few years if you get a lot of snow and rain where you live.

Materials and Tools Required

  • Kennel kits that are 4’x8’x6′
  • Privacy screen (if you desire)

Pallet Dog Fence

Using wooden pallets is a great way to make a fence without needing to cut and measures ton. You will need to pour concrete for the base and the posts. After the posts are in place, you attach the pallets, and your new fence is built!

You can stain the wood to your liking to make it a little more personalized if you want to.

Materials and Tools Required

  • Wooden pallets
  • Concrete mix
  • Screws
  • Shovel or hole digger
  • Level

Will You Build a Fence or Buy One?

There are a variety of options out there when it comes to fencing. If you decide to build one yourself, take the proper precautions to ensure the process and the end product are safe and sturdy.

Purchasing a fence for a dog from a reputable company is a surefire way to make sure your puppy is protected.

If you want more pet or home advice, check out the rest of our blog. Many articles can help you figure out your next DIY project.

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