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How To Lose Weight Without Dieting?

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Don’t we all want to be the skinny guy of a group who can literally eat an elephant and still not put on weight?

As it happens, when you look up ways to lose weight or even ask around, there seems to be no way around dieting. But what if I tell you that you really can lose weight without dieting. Also, you won’t regain the weight either.

Losing weight by dieting is surely one of the quickest ways to drop some pounds. However, the problem with rapid weight loss programs is that you regain even faster. So why even go through all the hassle when you know you have to put on the weight again?

This happens because crash diets are never permanent. One can never live all your life by substituting an entire food group. You need all the nutrients, and at some point, you are bound to have a relapse to your everyday eating habits.

Even though dieting might be the quickest way, it’s not the only way to drop a few pounds. By making some lifestyle changes and a few eating habits, you can more effectively lose weight and maintain a healthier BMI (Body Mass Index).

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Never Skip Breakfast

A crucial mistake most people make when losing weight is by skipping breakfast. Thinking that they’re going to save a few hundred calories, but it backfires more often.

People who skip breakfast eventually end up eating even more calories than they have skipped out on. This happens because you don’t get that morning energy charge. And, your body urges you to regulate blood sugar levels and digest food for energy.

This makes you eat up several meals and snacks that are high in fats, sugars, and calories.

As you must’ve heard enough, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And, skipping it will have unproductive and drained the entire day.

You must have a mix of carbohydrates, healthy fats, proteins, and some fibers to start your day. Since these food groups pack heavy on energy and relatively low calories, your gas tank will last much longer throughout the day. Also, you’ll save yourself from frequent snacks and munchies.

Eggs, yogurt, cereal, whole grain, tomato slices, and skimmed milk are some of the best breakfast options.

Plan Your Last Meal Of The Day

Planning the last meal of your day goes two ways. It means carefully select what you will be having so that it keeps you full through the night. Also, it means establishing a time after which you are not to have any more food. And I’m going to stress the establishment of a cut-off time.

This helps you refrain from munching on all the extra calories while watching a movie or reading a book later. Because that is the time when you mindlessly consume way more calories than you intend to.

The best way to get yourself under control and abide by the cut-off time is to brush your teeth after your last meal. Brushing your teeth naturally makes up your mind that you won’t be having any more food after that.

Other than that, this will compel you to plan your last meal with even more care. As you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night and ruin your sleepover hunger, you will make sure that you eat enough nutrients to last you until the morning.

Go Easy On The Liquids

Liquid calories are probably the most harmful calories you can consume. Sweetened drinks are nothing but sugar, and a lot of sugar.

But the fact that they don’t fill you up as much as food would with the same caloric value, you tend to consume relatively large amounts of it. I don’t think there is even a need to say that you need to give up drinking sodas. If not entirely, at least cut it down to one or two cans a week.

But carbonated and sweetened drinks are not all that counts in liquid calories—ever heard of a beer belly? I bet you have!

Alcohol has a high caloric value. And since you can get hooked and consume large amounts, it starts showing up in your bulging belly. To make it even worse, booze cocktails pack even stronger on the calories than regular shots.

If you’re having a drink of wine or whiskey per day, it’s best to keep it that way. Try not getting over this recommended limit. Also, if you really have a thing for cocktails, you can leave them out for the weekends.

This way, you won’t cut back entirely and won’t have to deal with side effects either. It’s all about moderation.

Work Out The Environments

Controlling your environment is another efficient and helpful way to cut back on calories. For example, you should limit your groceries to only healthy food items. And, stay away from all the caloric beverages and ice creams.

Because if you do not have something at your arm’s reach at home, you probably won’t crave it much either. This helps significantly in situations where you have weak self-control over yourself about specific food items. If you don’t have it at your house, it will always serve as a good reminder of why you don’t.

But what about when you are going out to parties or restaurants?

Almost every café and restaurant today provides the caloric value of meals. You can use that. Also, Mitragyna Speciosa Seeds are an excellent herbal intake before going out to a buffet or party. Since these are herbal with no side effects and help improve your metabolism, you won’t fill yourself up more than you need.

And if you don’t have a thing for herbal medications, having a snack of healthy food like fruits and vegetables before going to a party will bring down your hunger significantly.

Reduce Your Portion Sizes

The portion size you get served at restaurants or even home is usually way more than you need. Whether you need to get your measuring cups out or practice self-control, cutting down your portion sizes, go a long way in health benefits and weight loss.

And you do not need to worry about your energy levels. They are not going to fluctuate. But even if they do, you can always use supplements as a replacement for a whole meal. For example, having protein powder in a milkshake will give you as much energy as from 8 eggs. Also, Green Elephant Kratom helps regulate your mood and keeps you energetic.

Consuming these types of food supplements is going to keep your nutritional requirements met. And as a result, you won’t feel the strain of hunger so much initially. However, that too goes away after a few days of practice.


There are many ways of losing weight, faster and slower. I hope you find some of the changes relatable and useful in your life. As you can see, there is no one-fits-all rule here, and you are free to make as many changes and tweaks to suit your lifestyle better. But the point to ponder is that the best weight loss program is the one you stick to.

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