Some Facts about Ultrasonic Products Based on Electrostatic Technology

Many things make the world a better place and sensory technology is at the very heart of this in many cases. This claim is especially true because this technology is not a whole product on its own. Instead, it is an integral part of other products.

It ensures that those products perform optimally. The fact that sensors work as part of a bigger gadget is the reason many people do not know enough about them. But considering the major roles they play in making the world better, we all need to understand and appreciate this technology.

It is for this reason that this article will shed some light on some basics about ultrasonic products based on electrostatic technology. We suggest that you keep reading to be well informed about what this technology offers and still has to offer. Also, this will help you make good use of it when the need arises.

The Technological Concept Behind Ultrasonic Products

The general notion of sensors is to have a device (regardless of how big or small) that calculates distances in good time. The ability to do this will help in lots of ways depending on the application.

However, the way this plays out is a function of the kind of technology at work. In the case of ultrasonic products, what you have are electronic devices that do not require contact to function. This means that they are non-contact sensory technology products for the most part.

This impressive feature is one of the reasons why they are one of the preferred options for calculating the velocity and distance of objects. The term “ultrasonic” implies sounds and the use of this term is not a mere coincidence considering the peculiarity of how these products work.

These products make extensive use of sound in performing their primary task of calculating the velocity and distance of objects. The ability to emit, convert, and transmit sound waves just at the right time makes them effective and efficient for various applications. You should know that the result of the sound waves produced, timely worked upon, and transmitted by these products are electric signals.

Although they work using sound waves, you would not be able to detect them without special devices. The reason for this is that these sound waves are way beyond the detectable range of humans.

Components of Ultrasonic Sensors and Products

What Electrostatic Technology Has to Offer Ultrasonic Sensors and Products

There are several parts of these sensors and products. For the most part, the several parts are determined by the kind of product or sensor and the roles they play.

But despite that, we have gathered that every one of these products has at least 2 major components. Regardless of the kind of product or sensor as well as the roles they play, every one of them would have a receiver and a transmitter.

The reason is that the roles the receiver and transmitter plays are essential. For both major components to act accordingly, the beam angle, rated voltage, and frequency have to be appropriate.


The functions of the receiver do not set in until the transmitter has done its part with the sound waves. This is because contact between the receiver and the sound waves does not happen until the sound waves have gone back and forth between the object.


The important back and forth movement of the sound waves as explained above is aided by the transmitter. It is not until this happens that the receiver can play its essential role and this also explains the transmitter’s importance. For more on this subject, you can read this article.

What Electrostatic Technology Has to Offer Ultrasonic Sensors and Products

The role the transmitter plays in making ultrasonic sensors and products work is unarguably vital. However, this major component needs the appropriate technology to function and there are 2 major options (for now). The options are the use of electrostatic technology and piezoelectric crystals.

Both options have their edges and will ensure that the sound waves eventually get converted to electric signals. However, one is a lot better than the other and this is why it is our focus here.

This is also why major players in the industry as well as clients should be more interested in products that use electrostatic technology. While piezoelectric crystals have a lot to offer especially in terms of pressure levels that have better output, there is a flaw.

This has to do with the kind of bandwidth they work with. The bandwidth is narrow and makes it unsuitable or inconvenient, especially for certain applications. Furthermore, it is not best suited when conditions are static.

They are better when the need to calculate the velocity and distance of objects is dynamic. You should also know that they are very sensitive to high temperatures. So, getting them to work effectively and efficiently under this condition can be pretty difficult or even impossible.

In situations when they would eventually work, a lot has to be done using the calibration mechanism. The simple truth is that you can save yourself stress by using something that uses electrostatic technology.

The major highlight of electrostatic technology for many people is the fact that it offers a wider bandwidth. This is also the major edge it has over the option discussed above and is why many applications and users engage it.

Despite this edge, the output of the pressure levels is not bad. As a result, many people are beginning to make the most of this technology in ultrasonic sensors and products.

We like to admit how disinfecting service providers are one of the biggest beneficiaries of what this technology has to offer. This is considering the ease and effectiveness at which they can carry out their operations.

For instance, sprays that are made using this technology offer more in reaching places that are ordinarily hard to reach. But other than these service providers, other service providers gain a lot with this technology. You can visit SensComp for more on this subject.

Wrap Up

There are technologies behind the operations of these essential ultrasonic sensors and products we have around. One of them is electrostatic technology and it offers a lot. We have shed some light on the benefits of this technology amongst several other things. We advise that you make informed decisions using the details shared here when the need for these sensors and products arises.

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