The Best Reasons Why Gas Fireplaces are a Lot More Beneficial

Before now, homeowners would install wooden fireplaces in their homes. This is because they enjoy the ambiance of burning wood. However, in the recent decade, gas fireplaces are now widely popular. Gas logs are known to be environmentally friendly. This is the best reason why a gas log is a lot more beneficial than a wood-burning log.


There are several great reasons to choose a gas burning fireplace over a wood-burning fireplace. And, as you continue to read and enjoy this piece, these excellent reasons would be provided to you. Let’s get right into it.


Some homeowners till now still prefer the traditional ambiance of the wood-burning fireplace. However, I would suggest you consider the reasons below to make a more informed decision;


Highly Efficient Heat Source


With a gas log installed in your home, you get consistent heat. The heat wouldn’t dissipate through the chimney. Also, you get almost 90% of the fuel’s energy back as heat. The wood-burning model would often time produces different amounts of heat on a timely basis. Whereas, the gas model ensures that the heat is constant.


With this fitting, you can easily control the temperature of your room. This is because the fixture is powered by gas. The fixture can also be synced with a thermostat. This is so as optimum comfort can be maintained. The unit switches on and off automatically.


Easy to Install


There is no need for a chimney before using this home fixture. You only need gas supply, proper venting, and you’re good to go.


Most of these fittings are structured for safety on wooden-frame construction. This suggests that you can set it up against things that would typically cause an alarm with wood-burning options.


You must keep this in mind. Make sure the fitting isn’t set up close to the home’s central thermostat. This tends to affect the heating and cooling system and heat supply. This link  has more on installing a bathtub.


You Get Safe Supply of Flames


There is no denying that the wood-burning chimney corner provides a classic feel to the room. It is a good look to see a real flame from a wood-burning log. Also, the smell is rich as it provides a distinct feel and aroma to a room. However, the wood-burning model consists of a large quantity of particulate.


It has been proven that the wood-burn model pollutes its surroundings more than other types of vehicles. Whereas a gas fireplace burns much cleaner and efficiently. As they burn clean, you do not worry about particulates. The fires are confined in a closed combustion unit. This means that you do not have to bother about combustion gases disturbing air quality in your surroundings.


Environment Friendly



As earlier stated, the gas fireplace burns much neater than other models, providing less particulate. This tells us that this fixture puts out very little carbon monoxide to the environment. This alone is one of the best reasons why the gas fireplace is more beneficial than the other models.


The gas model also helps to avoid the negative environmental effects of logging and forestry. You do not need to cut down trees to create firewood for this model. This means that the forest and trees remain safe and intact.


Low Maintenance Cost


Not having to look for fuel to use in your fireplace doesn’t just mean that you save time and energy. It also means that you save time cleaning ashes, chips, and barks from the fixture.

Also, you do not have to bother about how to clean your chimney because you do not need a chimney for this fixture.




There is no need to build a fire with this fixture. You also do not need to store and keep provisions to tend to the fire. With a simple push of a button, you can enjoy the warmth that this fixture provides.




Gas logs are much safer than wood-burning models. Wood-burning logs can sometimes pose a threat to the home. If you are a large family with kids and pets, setting up a gas log in your home would be beneficial. This is because wood-burning logs can cause a lot of smoke in the atmosphere.


This pollution can trigger asthma attacks. It can also cause coughing, wheezing, and a few other health complications. There is also the risk of fire spread with a wood-burning log. A lot can go wrong with a wood-burning fireplace.


From the buildup of creosote in the chimney to other hazards on your mantel décor. You can find more on this website on how to stay safe with your bathtubs.


Bottom Line


Whether you need to improve your heating efficiency or create an eco-friendly environment, a gas indoor heat source can ensure you achieve all these things and lots more.


You only have to know that not all gas logs are created equally. Make sure to shop for the right fixture to ensure you get the best experience out of your investments. So, I would recommend researching your provider carefully.


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