Signs of Bed Bugs on Sheets

Things That Go Bite in the Night: Signs of Bed Bugs on Sheets

Thinking that you might have visitors in the night? Bed bugs can be found across the globe in Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia.

You might be wondering about the signs of bed bugs on sheets. While it might be overwhelming to find bed bugs, there’s hope.

This article will take a look at identifying them and what you can do about it. Read on to explore this guide on the signs of bed bugs and get treatment today!

Early Signs of Bed Bugs

Early signs of bed bugs might be hard to diagnose, and might not be discovered until there are signs of a bed bug’s blood on the sheets. You might think they’re food allergies, spider or mosquito bites, or ink spots instead. Have bed bug control services come and take a look to properly diagnose your pest problem.

Lack of Sleep

You might notice that you have a lack of sleep due to a bed bug’s bite heat rash. Another clear sign of bed bugs is if you notice bloodstains on the sheets.

Bed bugs are attracted to humans because of our blood, the carbon dioxide we exhale, and our body heat. If you see red stains on your pajamas or bedsheets that’s an indication of these pesky critters.

You might also notice a musty odor. This is from the bugs’ scent glands.

Check for rusty or dark spots on the mattresses and sheets. These can also appear on walls and bedclothes as well.

Bed Bug Shells

Check for empty shells where the bed bugs can feed. As they grow and feed on blood, they shed their exoskeletons or shells. When you have an infestation, you might find thousands of shells.

Fecal Spots

Bed bugs leave behind liquid waste when they move around. Keep in mind that fecal spots don’t have to contain blood. They can be black or dark brown in color.

Signs of Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites can look like other bug bites. They can also be mistaken for hives or other rashes.

Keep in mind that not everyone reacts to bed bugs either. You might experience burning and itching, straight lines of multiple bites, or a rash.

Checking for an Infestation

If you’re afraid you might have an infestation, first remove all bedding and check for signs of stains from bed bugs. Take off the dust cover from the box springs and check the seams as well. Take a look at your closet since they can be on clothing as well.

Exploring the Signs of Bed Bugs on Sheets

Now that you’ve explored this guide on the signs of bed bugs on sheets, you should have a better idea of what to expect. If you find bed bugs or suspect you have them, don’t delay in getting them treated.

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