ADM 5 String Banjo Review

Looking for the best banjo for beginners can be very difficult due to lots of types, styles, and price variations. Every banjo beginner deserves a top-quality musical instrument to learn banjo basics perfectly. So, if you are looking for the best banjo for beginners, then we have a great choice for you, the ADM 5 string banjo. This 5-string banjo is specially designed for beginners and comes with many features that make the banjo one of the best products’ music industry. The ADM banjo has decent sound quality and comes with many accessories that make it perfect. Here, we’ll review the best ADM 5 string Banjo; lets’ see the complete ADM banjo review below.

The ADM Banjo is a most beautiful and special musical instrument widely used to play old-time music like folk. The Upper part of the banjo is more like a guitar while its lower part looks like a tambourine. This banjo comes with 5 strings that you can play with a plectrum or fingers. It is made from a high-quality Remo drum head, and the mahogany body of this best ADM banjo makes it produce the sweet, warm and soft sound. The structure of the banjo more stable and increase the banjo stability and sound transmission.


The Remo drum head of the ADM produces a sweet tone to ensure sound clarity. You can also set the stable bridge for fast fingerpicking. The banjo’s back is made from beautiful hardwood grain that not easily warp or corrode, and the side of the banjo is made from Sapele material that makes the ADM banjo more durable.

Geared 5th Tuner

Thanks to its geared 5th tuner, which makes it different from another banjo because this feature is only found on the most expensive banjo while you can get this best ADM banjo at a very reasonable price. This 5th additional feature is more important for both playability and tuning. It brings you the old-time classic tones that are perfect for bluegrass, folk, and modern rock.


The stable top of this banjo features an adjustable hinged tailpiece, a maple bridge, a chrome-plated armrest, and 24 brackets that the ADM banjo sound more efficient and look too great. Its mahogany resonator is removable that can provide more versatility and great control with your music playability and choices.

Banjo Shell and Accessories

The banjo’s shell is made from mahogany for high-quality sound, while the string twist is pearl white, and the wooden color of the banjo is brown that looks more stylish and attractive. The accessories that come with the ADM banjo are picks, gigs, straps, strings, hanger, clearing cloth, and tuner. The gig bag provides complete protection to the banjo and makes it more convenient for traveling.

Resonator and Open Back Banjo

One of the best features of this ADM banjo is that it has an adjustable truss rod design that allows every player to keep the banjo neck straight by natural tendencies and counter the pull of the wood’s strings. It is not the resonator banjo, but it also an open back banjo because its resonator is removable, so you can easily detach the back of the banjo for a bright sound. So, these two different style banjos fulfill the two different demands of the player.

An Ideal Choice

This best ADM 5 string banjo is ideal for hiking, traveling, camping and picnic at the beachside. The ADM banjo is an ideal choice for those who wanted to learn to play old music by using this iconic instrument.


If your budget is too tight and you want to buy the best 5 string banjo for a beginner at an affordable price with all qualities and features, then ADM 5 string banjo is a great choice for you. It is one of Amazon’s best-selling products that available at a very reasonable price.

Features of ADM 5 String Banjo

  • Made of high-quality wood and metal material
  • It has a premium quality Remo drum head
  • Produce soft a sweet tone
  • Mahogany fingerboard and bridge
  • Stable, durable, and reliable
  • A good starting instrument
  • 24 brackets
  • Provide comfortable feel while playing
  • Modern look and classical body design
  • It comes with a thicker bag to keep it protected
  • The package included a digital tuner, bag, strings, strap, cleaning cloth, hanger, and picks
  • It is ideal for camping, traveling, beach refreshment, hiking, and parties.
  • Available at a very cost-effective price

Specifications of ADM 5 String Banjo

  • Brand: ADM
  • Size: Large
  • Color: Light Brown
  • Item Dimensions: 41 x 18 x 5 inches
  • Top Material Type: Polyurethane
  • Back Material Type: Sapele
  • String Material Type: Alloy Steel
  • Instrument: Banjo
  • Number of Strings: 5
  • Fingerboard: Mahogany
  • Weight: 8.4 pounds
  • String twist: Pearl White


  • Comes with 24 brackets for complete control of the music.
  • Made from high-quality rosewood and metal material for durability and improve sound transmission.
  • Removable shell and mahogany resonator for effective sound quality.
  • Offers armrest chrome plated for comfortable use.
  • You will get an extra string set, 3 picks, and a gig bag free of cost in the package.
  • Easy to maintain and use.
  • A perfect choice for beginners.
  • No assembly is required.
  • Easy to plucked with the fingers in case of picks not available.


  • Not perfect for larger fingers
  • Don’t offer the left-handed option

Final Verdict

Whether you want to buy a banjo for a professional or interested reason, this ADM banjo is an ideal choice for those who want to learn folk or traditional music. This article provides an ADM Banjo review with complete information, so we hope this guide is very helpful for beginners. Buy now and enjoy amazing sweet, softer, mellower, and bright sound. You would definitely be happy with its good design, quality material, features, and reasonable price.


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