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Given that I set up this internet site in September 2002, a number of individuals have actually asked me just how to find and also buy good vintage banjos as well as various other vintage stringed instruments. In the course of some 30 years of accumulating, I have purchased tools from several sources including vintage instrument dealerships, pawn stores, antique stores, flea markets, auctions, and, of course, Ebay as well as other on-line public auction websites. In this area, I will provide a couple of comments on just how much to pay as well as a couple of notes on each of these potential resources:

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If it was a desirable instrument when it was brand-new it is possibly of interest to gamers and collectors today. The most very in-demand vintage instruments in today’s market were the tools most wanted when they were very first brought to the market, with few exemptions. One fascinating team of exemptions are pre-war Gibson banjos, which were great instruments at the time they were initial supplied however no more sought after than Paramount or Bacon & Day banjos.

Just how much Should You Pay? – Since vintage tools enhance in value the longer you possess them, the initial rate is in fact not as vital as you assume most of the times. I purchased a Martin D-28 in 1967 for $250 and also it is now worth more than $3000. Recalling, I assume you can see that it truly doesn’t matter significantly whether I paid $250 or $350 for the guitar originally (although I need to admit that I really did not have $350 in 1967). Nonetheless, you don’t wish to pay an unnecessarily high cost, so you will require to find out the typical market value of any instrument you are considering purchasing. You can best do this by locating various internet vintage instrument retailers as well as reading their listings. Try the dealers I list below as a starting point, as well as with a good online search engine you can find a lot more. Ebay can additionally be a source of evaluations, but beware to keep in mind the problem of the instrument offered for sale (extra on this listed below) and also review the final closing costs of several comparable tools prior to your draw any company final thoughts. If the instrument you have an interest in is unmarked (no identifiable maker), you ought to beware not to invest excessive prior to you obtain a gratitude for the total market. After a while, you start to identify unmarked instruments right into specific groups by age and top quality as well as you can value them accordingly. My rule of thumb when purchasing any type of instrument, when I have decided that I want to obtain it, is to ask myself whether I assume I might turn around and also market the instrument myself within 2-3 years for the very same cost. If so, I go ahead and buy it.

Vintage Instrument Dealers– This is by much the best avenue by which to acquire a fine vintage instrument. I have actually acquired instruments from lots of reliable dealers and I have actually always valued their expertise, their exact summaries of tools, and the truth that they will virtually always let you return an instrument that is not what you anticipated it to be.

Bernunzio Vintage Instruments (Rochester, NY) —

Vintage Instruments (Philadelphia, PA) —

The Music Emporium (Lexington, MA) –

Gruhn Guitars (Nashville, KY) —

Elderly Instruments (Lansing, MI) —

There are lots of other trustworthy dealers to pick from as well.

Pawn Shops– These stores, especially when situated in large cities, can be a source of a range of vintage music instruments, yet you had better know what you are purchasing since the pawn shop proprietors are typically not effectively educated. Rates can be everywhere, as well as more probable on the high side than on the low.

Vintage Shops– I love going to antique malls as well as the little antique stores that dot the countryside, however I should admit that I have actually only purchased one banjo that remains in my collection at one. The statements over for Pawn Shops uses right here too.

Flea Markets– A lot of fun, but not a very rewarding source of vintage tools.

Auctions– There are some auction homes that routinely arrange auctions of vintage instruments, yet you will certainly discover a lot more violins than guitars as well as banjos. Nonetheless, they can be rewarding if you can obtain a catalog of the public auction in advance to identify if you want to bid either on the website or in abstentia.

Ebay– Ebay has actually transformed every little thing for collection agencies, because it has actually offered a reasonable way for collection agencies to sell as well as to buy. I have actually bought and sold lots of instruments on Ebay as well as have actually had just a couple of disappointments. Essentially, the people I have dealt with have actually been pleasant as well as fair, and also most have quickly responded to concerns when I submitted them by email before the end of the public auction. Among the greatest troubles with Ebay is that the public has no suggestion what “superb” or “fair” condition is meant to imply as applied to vintage tools. Among vintage instrument dealers, these terms are rather consistently used, but out Ebay, so consider the pictures carefully and ask details inquiries of the vendor prior to your bid. The terms “exceptional problem” and also “usable” are not necessarily associated on Ebay. Make sure to ask whether all the components on the instrument are original as well as whether there are any kind of fractures or noticeable repair services, as well as take the cost of any kind of substitute parts or needed repair work right into account when bidding. Oh, and check the seller’s feedback. That’s your protection, given that Ebay will not do much for you if you are treated unfairly.

In the training course of some 30 years of collecting, I have actually bought instruments from several resources including vintage instrument dealers, pawn shops, antique stores, flea markets, auctions, as well as, of training course, Ebay as well as other online auction sites. The most extremely in-demand vintage tools in today’s market were the tools most fancied when they were very first brought to the market, with a couple of exceptions. Ebay can additionally be a source of assessments, however be cautious to keep in mind the problem of the instrument offered for sale (more on this below) and review the final closing rates of numerous comparable tools prior to your draw any type of company conclusions. Vintage Instrument Dealers– This is by far the safest avenue by which to obtain a great vintage instrument. I have actually purchased instruments from numerous respectable dealerships and also I have constantly valued their expertise, their accurate descriptions of instruments, as well as the reality that they will nearly always allow you to return an instrument that is not what you anticipated it to be.