All About BER Rating Lower Insurance

What is the BER rating?

How many of you are familiar with what BER rating is and what it is for? It all comes from how efficient is an individuals’ home. Based on that, the house can be rated from A to G.

If one home is rated an A, that means that it is the most efficient based on energy. But, if it’s rated a G, that means that it is the least efficient.

The more efficient one home is, the more it represents a green home. You need to strive to be higher on the scale because that means that there will be no need to spend much money on heating.

Why is BER rating critical?

First of all, even if we want it or not, a BER certificate is something that you’ll need if you own any type of property. It doesn’t matter if you plan to sell, rent or live on that property.

Another thing that doesn’t affect having a BER certificate is whether you own a newer build or an already existing one. It is part of the legal documentation you need to have at all times.

One of the main reasons why you need to have a good BER rating is simply because you’ll end up paying less for heating, lighting, ventilation, etc. Another reason is when you decide you want to sell your property and put it on the market, the higher it is on the scale, the more people will be looking at it.

No one wants anything that is rated below the norm. The simple fact that your property got rated high means that its value will increase. This will be a positive thing if you decide to increase the price of your property.

Having a more efficient home means having a more leisurely life to manage. Everything you’ll have in the house will be more helpful to you, simply because you won’t have to worry about fixing anything any time soon.

All About BER Rating Lower Insurance

How to make your home more energy efficient?

Like we said before, having a low BER rating is something that no one wants. The reason being is that you’ll have higher bills to pay and not so much to gain when selling your home.

This is why we’ll mention a few things that you need to consider if you want to get a higher BER rating.

The first thing you can consider putting in your home is carpets. Not only will it look more appealing and homier, but you’ll be free of having cold feet during the colder days.

On the opposite side, during the warmer days, you’ll want to get as much heat as possible inside. This is why you’ll need shades on your windows.

Instead of having the standard lightbulbs, why not invest in energy-efficient ones. They look more expensive, and they save you electricity.

One thing that most people don’t pay attention to is their boilers. Many people like to leave them on the whole time, and you don’t need them all the time. It is better to have a timer on your boiler for when you only need it. You don’t need to have your boiler on at all times, especially when you’re not at home.

Every tiny detail that you try to change can slowly but surely add up to your rating. And why not do that when you can? If you want to know more about this, follow this link.

What to do with the old appliances?

Once you’ve decided to go full-blown renovation in your home, you’ll end up with a lot of things you won’t need anymore. And the question is what to do with them.

If you decide to get rid of electronics, the best thing you can do is either recycle them or donate them to someone if they are still usable.

Many things that you decide to get rid of will be things that other people can use. Some people can’t afford to get new things, so the best thing for you to do is to donate them to others.

Of course, if something you don’t need anymore is broken or doesn’t work, the only thing left to do is throw it out.

You can’t just simply get rid of everything and not pay attention to other possible solutions. Whatever you do to make your home more efficient needs to be done in the right way. This will only benefit you. Just remember BER rating can lower home insurance costs , so try to make it higher on the scale.


There are many ways that you can have a greener and more energy-efficient house. There are new technologies that you can incorporate into your daily life.

Getting a BER rating is mandatory, so try to get a better one since it is going to benefit you much. Think about all the expenses you have and let that motivate you to get higher on the scale.

Not only will you benefit from it, but the environment will as well. Work with what you have and make space for new and improved things as well. There are many improvements that you can make, and you are simply just not aware of. Every small act you do has a significant impact on your rating. Start from more minor things and work your way up to something bigger.


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