Make Room: Space-Saving Ideas for Your Bedroom

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If you feel like your growing number of belongings are taking over your home, you’re far from alone. Research shows that most of us are unwilling to part with our beloved possessions—which is probably why the self-storage industry continues to boom, growing by an average of 7.7% each year.

In other words, you can be forgiven if you’re not yet ready to take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book for a minimalist approach. But when you feel like you’re drowning in your crowded bedroom, how can you figure out how to store the things you love?

Fortunately, there are plenty of space-saving ideas to help you make the most of every inch of your tiny room. From creative furniture choices to better use of cramped corners, here are some genius storage ideas for small bedrooms.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

If you’ve ever seen any of the trendy design shows featuring tiny houses, you’ll already know that one of the best ways to utilize space in a small bedroom is to take advantage of multi-purpose storage. After all, why have a single-use piece of furniture when you could instead have one that doubles as a place to keep your belongings?

Take Advantage of Your Bed

Some of the best options in this area revolve around the piece of furniture that eats up most of your space: the bed. Clever storage ideas for small bedrooms will include ways to get more use out of this space, including beds that come with platform storage underneath. Options vary from beds with drawers or cabinets to beds that fold upward to reveal storage below.

If you want to get the most possible space out of a cramped room, consider doubling up your bed and your desk! Options like a murphy bed desk allow you to use part of your room for both sleeping and work, allowing you to free up the rest of your room with ease.

Grab Smaller Storage Pieces

If you aren’t yet ready to change up big pieces of furniture, there are still plenty of simple ways you can add more storage opportunities with smaller pieces.

Consider getting an ottoman for the foot of your bed that doubles as a storage bench, for example, or a bedside table that folds up to become a mini workspace. You might also be able to replace your current bed’s headboard with one that has storage inside instead.

Make the Most of Vertical Space

When we consider our small bedroom layout ideas, most of us think about the way our furniture eats up the floor plan. However, don’t forget that there’s plenty of vertical space on your walls and doors as well!

Make the Most of Your Walls

If you’re looking for more storage, there are a few tried-and-true ways to add it to your walls.

First, consider adding shelving or hooks to your walls. These options are perfect for traditional items like clothes, books, and boxes—but just because you need to store an unusual item doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! From bikes to dumbbells to musical instruments, it’s possible to find item-specific racks and hooks to hold your belongings securely, so don’t hesitate to get creative with what you place on your walls.

In addition, pegboards and bulletin boards can be great ways to stay organized, whether you put them near your workspace or use them as an accent piece on another wall. From accessories to important documents, you can hang it all in plain sight for easy access and simple storage.

Don’t forget about magnetic storage racks as well, especially if you pair them with tools, makeup, or other belongings you want to take down and use with ease.

Don’t Forget the Space Behind Doors

Your bedroom and closet doors are also great spaces for storing belongings. Even better, if you tend to keep them open, you’ll have an easy out-of-sight hiding place for your things.

There are plenty of store-bought and DIY organizers to try, allowing you to hang clothes, belts, shoes, and more behind your door. You can also find creative organization tactics for things like jewelry as well. Note, of course, that the amount of space you’ll be able to use may be narrow, depending on how much space you have behind your door.

Take Advantage of Tight Spaces

It’s easy to overlook tight spaces in your room, but when every inch matters, it’s important to take advantage of these areas!

One of the most common ways to do this is to add shelving systems to cramped but unused corners. Alternatively, you could add high shelves near the ceiling to hide little-used belongings out of sight—especially if your room has high ceilings.

As another common example, you can grab or make a bedside caddy organizer to add a little more storage to the side of your bed. If you tend to need more portable storage, consider purchasing a small rolling caddy for tools and belongings you need on a frequent basis, as you can hide it away in a corner or in your closet when it’s not in use.

Make the Most of These Space-Saving Ideas

To carve out a space for each of your beloved possessions, you’ll have to get creative—especially if you have a cramped bedroom! With the simple space-saving ideas above, you’re sure to find plenty of solutions to help you put everything in its place. Take a hard look at your room’s layout, both horizontal and vertical, and work on finding the storage pieces that will make a difference for you.

Looking for additional tips to help you get more out of your home? Check out our other posts for more guides like this one.

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