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In the eighteenth century, America was just beginning to use music to communicate with each other. Because the banjo is of Native American origin, the question of where did the banjo come from has long been debated.

The story goes that the banjo is related to an animal, a kind of deer with antlers that can make it look like a woman. This deer’s antlers would be used as a music box, and this music would be used as a signal for hunting.

Native Americans believe that the banjo came from a unique animal, called the Squaw Bear. This animal lived along the Mississippi River, and the Squaw Bear’s antlers were very useful in song and dance.

The Squaw Bear was said to have created a dance language to communicate with other Native Americans, so that he could hunt properly. This animal’s song is referred to as the so-called “Squaw Bear language,” and it is said that he gave the banjo to his daughter, the squaw.

There are many stories about the origins of the banjo, but one of the most interesting is that it was brought to Europe by the Squaw Bear. And now the banjo is called the “squaw wood” or the “creekside fiddle.”

The question of where did the banjo originated has never been fully answered. It may have originated in America. But it is more likely that the banjo began in Europe and was brought back to America by people who first learned to play it.

The banjo has always been associated with Native Americans, and the European version has become the familiar banjo. A banjo is not really a musical instrument in its own right but a drum or flute played with a stick.

The banjo is also known as the “county fiddle” in Canada. In the United States, the banjo is known as the “shoulder banjo.” In North Carolina, the banjo is called the “hamlet guitar.”

The banjo is a very versatile instrument. It is a strong and durable musical instrument, but it is also relatively easy to play. As a result, it has been adapted by musicians of all kinds, including traditional Native Americans, jazz musicians, and even a few reggae and folk performers.

While the banjo is associated with Native Americans, it is not solely a Native American instrument. In fact, the banjo is one of the oldest known musical instruments, dating all the way back to the fifteenth century.

David Alexander, who is the world’s best-known performer of the stringed guitar, is well known for having invented the banjo. But in order to reach the world stage as a violinist, Alexander had to leave his job as a banjo player and break into the concert stage as a banjo player. His success did not last long, however, and he eventually quit the banjo in order to concentrate on the violin.

As far as we know, the banjo is not a musical instrument in its own right. And in the United States, where it originated, the banjo is no longer used as a musical instrument.

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