When Is Banjo Coming to Smash? A Review

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While many of the available sports video games are similar in that they’re all interactive and designed for portable devices, one game stands out from the rest: Banjo Kazooie. Banjo was released in 1997 as the follow-up to the well-loved, award-winning game that introduced the Sackville family to the world of video games. It received good reviews from critics, and in the end became a huge success. Banjo wasn’t just a video game, though.

That’s because Banjo’s character, Kazooie, made an appearance in the sequel, which was released in 2020. But what is it about Banjo that appeals to a generation of young adults who grew up playing it?

In Banjo, Kazooie has a simple goal: collect all of the power-ups so that she can run faster and further than ever before. There are lots of these power-ups available, and you’ll find them all scattered across the level map, but you must be able to locate them in order to use them. To get more powerful, you’ll need to carry around something known as a “Banjo-Kazooie coin,” which can be acquired by finding hidden holes and spaces on the game map.

Of course, some of these power-ups aren’t easy to find. There are a couple of exceptions, though, such as the barrel that’s located just above the cave with the waterfall, and the flower that’re hiding just below the pyramid’s head. The banana, meanwhile, is located at the bottom of a huge mountain.

Banjo-Kazooie keeps the old-school platforming mechanics of other games in place, with jump buttons and double jumps to keep you off of even the hardest levels. While this isn’t anything new, it adds to the feeling of adventure that is one of the hallmarks of the Banjo series.

In Banjo, however, these elements add a different kind of challenge, as the environments are vast and filled with dangerous enemies and obstacles. As Banjo runs forward through these places, he will have to Dodge a lot of those nasty enemies that come in such strange shapes, sizes, and colors.

In Banjo, you can hold down the A button to dash and then hold down the B button to do a backflip. In either case, you’ll have to quickly change directions without stopping to try to balance yourself, as that will make you plummet to your death. However, if you’ve been collecting those little colorful objects, these maneuvers will come naturally.

Another feature of the game that brings in classic platformer elements is the “popping” of eggs. These are dropped by enemies and bounce around the area. It may seem silly, but it’s one of the few things that can really set the Banjo series apart from the pack.

Most people play games for the graphics, but the Banjo series does offer plenty of hidden secrets. For example, there’s an item that appears under an item. While holding it, press the B button to turn it into a certain item.

You’ll also find special “hints” throughout the game that will show you where to get to next in the game, allowing you to plan ahead and beat the game’s earlier levels. They’re so well hidden that most players don’t realize that they’re there until they’re ready to use them.

Not only are the Banjo games fun to play, but they’re also great conversation pieces. Many people enjoy playing them with their friends, and most of them will often start a Banjo-Kazooie online community to talk about them.

While it doesn’t hold a candle to its predecessor, it’s certainly a great way to keep the adventure going. when is banjo coming to smash?

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